Zigbee Based Projects

S.NoProject CodeTitle
1SEES-Xbee-001Hand held multi parameter monitoring system.
2SEES-Xbee-002Remote-Controllable and Climate Adaptive Energy-Saving Room Architecture based on ZigBee Communication
3SEES-Xbee-003Protected data communication with security alert using wireless personal area network
4SEES-Xbee-004ZigBee based Data Monitoring and analysis for power station
5SEES-Xbee-005 Development of ZigBee based street light control system using i2c protocol based RTC
6SEES-Xbee-006Secret message communication by code/de-code over wireless and LCD display for both Sender and receiver.
7SEES-Xbee-007Zigbee Technology based Mapping and Localization of People Movements
8SEES-Xbee-008File transfer between data communication equipment using ZigBee Networks
9SEES-Xbee-009Real time passenger information system (RTPIS) using ZigBee Technology
10SEES-Xbee-010PC controlled electrical load management by ZigBee wireless
11SEES-Xbee-011Wireless Automation of unmanned Railway Crossing Gate Alert System using temperature
12SEES-Xbee-012Proof Vibration Sensor Networks and Zigbee
13SEES-Xbee-013PC to PC Network orientation using ZigBee
14SEES-Xbee-014 ZigBee based GAS leak detection and data monitoring system.
15SEES-Xbee-015ZigBee based Monitoring system using Auto-dialer.

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