GPS and GSM Based Projects

S.NoProject CodeTitle
1SEES-GSP-001Speed Control of DC Motor using GSM
2SEES-GSP-002GSM based Home Security System and Automated Call to House Owner and Police
3SEES-GSP-003Wireless Notice Board using GSM
4SEES-GSP-004SMS Based Device Control System like Fan,Light and other household Appliance
5SEES-GSP-005SMS Based Voting Machine
6SEES-GSP-006Boarder Security System using GSM
7SEES-GSP-007Automated Billing System of Water using GSM
8SEES-GSP-008Wireless Temperature System using GSM
9SEES-GSP-009Automatic Fan Control Speed System with Temperature Sensor and GSM
10SEES-GSP-010Vehicle Fuel Monitoring System using GSM
11SEES-GSP-011Dam Water Controlling System using GSM
12SEES-GSP-012Railway Level Crossing Gate Operation Remotely by GSM
13SEES-GSP-013Smart Parking Reservation System using Short Message Service
14SEES-GSP-014Pipeline Damage Locating Based on GPS
15SEES-GSP-015Identifying Object using RF Transmitters and Receivers and Retrieving Data using GSM
16SEES-GSP-016Vehicle Accident Information and Location Finder using GSM and GPS
17SEES-GSP-017GSM and GPS Based Vehicle Tracking and Locating System
18SEES-GSP-018Transformer Oil and Temperature Checking and Intimating to the EB
19SEES-GSP-019Automatic Charge Intimation for Traffic Police using GSM
20SEES-GSP-020ATM Stealing Protection and Intimation using GSM
21SEES-GSP-021Intelligent Home Security and Management System through GSM
22SEES-GSP-022Railway Bridge Damage Notification with Alarm System
23SEES-GSP-023GPS Based Boarder Alert System for Fisherman
24SEES-GSP-024GSM Based Irrigation System
25SEES-GSP-025GSM Based Wireless Starter for Induction Motor
26SEES-GSP-026GSM Based Instantaneous Vehicle Registration Details Extraction System Very Useful for Traffic Police
27SEES-GSP-027GSM Security Alert System for Fire and LPG gas Leakage
28SEES-GSP-028Vehicle Theft Alert and Avoidance System using GSm
29SEES-GSP-029Bus Location and Seat Availability tracking System using GSM and GPS
30SEES-GSP-030Vehicle gas Detection with Automatic Safety Warning System using GSM
31SEES-GSP-031Digital Energy Meter with Overload Indication through GSM
32SEES-GSP-032GSM and I2C Based Secured Locker System in Banks
33SEES-GSP-033Design and Implementation of Power Plant Monitoring System Based on GSM
34SEES-GSP-034Industrial safety system over fire using GSM
35SEES-GSP-035Development of GSM based Data Acquisition
36SEES-GSP-036GSM Based Intruder Detector
37SEES-GSP-037Robot Control System using Microcontroller based on SMS
38SEES-GSP-038 Automatic taxi Trip Sensing and Indicating System through GSM.
39SEES-GSP-039 Advanced automatic vehicle hurtle notification using GSM Technology.
40SEES-GSP-040Security Breach Intimation for Unauthorized Entry Based on Mobile Technique
41SEES-GSP-041 An automatic collision detection and acceleration control using multi zone transmission and reception through RF technology and GSM communications
42SEES-GSP-042Anti-Collision System in Railway Using GSM and GPS
43SEES-GSP-043Intelligent Smart Stick with Alert Based on GSM and GPS
44SEES-GSP-044 Implementation of Global and Remote Positioning System for Defense and Other Purposes using Mobile Networks
45SEES-GSP-045Remote control of industrial machines based on GSM Technique

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