ARM Based Projects

S.NoProject CodeTitle
1SEES-ARM-001 High Temperature Alert to the Doctor Using ARM and GSM Modem.
2SEES-ARM-002Involuntary Meter Reading Using ARM Microcontroller
3SEES-ARM-003Temperature Monitors and Controlled System in Heating System Using ARM Microcontroller
4SEES-ARM-004Vehicle Tracking Using GPS and ARM Microcontroller
5SEES-ARM-005Staff Attendance Using ARM Microcontroller
6SEES-ARM-006Fire Finding and Automatic Indication System Using ARM Microcontroller
7SEES-ARM-007Accident Recognition System Using GSM and ARM Microcontroller.
8SEES-ARM-008Fire Revealing and Involuntary Indication System Using ARM Microcontroller
9SEES-ARM-009An Performance of Intellectual Petrol Bags for Vehicle Using Wireless Equipment and ARM Microcontroller
10SEES-ARM-010ARM Microcontroller Based Wireless Blood Pressure Monitoring System
11SEES-ARM-011Wireless Zigbee Controller For Dc Motor Using AR Microcontroller
12SEES-ARM-012Monitoring and Control of Wireless Home Appliance System Using Wireless Technology and ARM Microcontroller.
13SEES-ARM-013 Automatic Water Filling System Using RTC in ARM.
14SEES-ARM-014ARM Microcontroller Based Heartbeat Monitor with LCD Display.
15SEES-ARM-015Password Protected GSM Based Device Control Using ARM.
16SEES-ARM-016ARM Microcontroller Based Involuntary Railway Gate Control System
17SEES-ARM-017Speed and Direction Control Of Dc Motor Using GSM Modem
18SEES-ARM-018Finger Print Based Access Control System Using ARM Microcontroller
19SEES-ARM-019Automatic Car Parking System Using ARM Microcontroller
20SEES-ARM-020PC Based Substation Monitoring and Control Using ARM Microcontroller

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