Embedded Projects

S.NoProject CodeTitle
1SEES-ES-001Automated Town Water Management System
2SEES-ES-002Automatic Earth Quake Identification System with Voice Announcement
3SEES-ES-003Automatic Irrigation System on Sensing Soil Moisture,Temperature and Humidity
4SEES-ES-004Car Parking Monitoring System using RFID
5SEES-ES-005Wireless/Wired Distance Measurement Ultrasonic Sensor
6SEES-ES-006Keypad Based Electronic Lock for Home Appliance
7SEES-ES-007Library Management using RFID
8SEES-ES-008Automated Railway Level Crossing Gate Control using SMS by Station Master/Driver with Voice Announcement Systems
9SEES-ES-009Dangerous Gas Leak Identification and Detection System with SMS Alert
10SEES-ES-010Wireless Tachometer Non-Contact Type
11SEES-ES-011Green House Monitoring and Controlling System
12SEES-ES-012Speed Checker to Detect Rash Driving on Highways
13SEES-ES-013Traffic Priority for Ambulance using RF with Voice Announcement
14SEES-ES-014Vehicle Theft Alert and Avoidance using GSM
15SEES-ES-015Vehicle Gas Detection System with Automatic Safety Warning using GSM and Voice Announcement
16SEES-ES-016Boarding School Students Monitoring using RFID and GSM
17SEES-ES-017Unman Petrol Bunk using RFID
18SEES-ES-018Bus Identification System for Visually Challenge System and Voice Announcement
19SEES-ES-019Antenna Positioning Control System
20SEES-ES-020GSM Based Automatic Energy Meter Reading
21SEES-ES-021Automatic Room Light Control /Street Light Control using PIR and using LDR
22SEES-ES-022Finger Print Based Bank Locker System
23SEES-ES-023Railway Fire Detection and Voice Announcement to driver using RF
24SEES-ES-024Home Automation using Digital Control
25SEES-ES-025Unique Office Communication System using RF
26SEES-ES-026Underground Cable fault Distance Detector
27SEES-ES-027Automatic Surveillance Camera System for PC
28SEES-ES-028Portable Programmable Medication Reminder
29SEES-ES-029PC Based Electrical Load Control System
30SEES-ES-030Driver Fatigue Monitoring and Warning System
31SEES-ES-031Automatic Toll Payment of Vehicles using Capacitive Sensor
32SEES-ES-032Embedded Based Car Reversing and Warning System
33SEES-ES-033Automatic Irrigation Water Supply Monitoring and Control System
34SEES-ES-034Automatic Vehicle Starter System Based Alcohol Breath Analyzer Sensing
35SEES-ES-035Petrol Bunk Automation using Smart Card
36SEES-ES-036Ticket Vending Machine Based on Coin Sensor
37SEES-ES-037Apartment Automation Monitoring and Management Series
38SEES-ES-038Vehicle Anti Collision using IR Signals
39SEES-ES-039Automatic Room Light Control using with Visitor Counter
40SEES-ES-040Automatic Human Tracking Fan System
41SEES-ES-041Prepaid Gas Supply System for Apartment Automation
42SEES-ES-042RFID Based Automatic Voting Machine
43SEES-ES-043The Blind Audio Guidance System using RFID
44SEES-ES-044Microcontroller Based Pipeline Oil Flow Rate Monitoring System in Industries
45SEES-ES-045Industrial Safety Measures System with Voice Indication
46SEES-ES-046Complete Voice Enable Residential Security System
47SEES-ES-047Design of Sensor Modules of Active and Intelligent Energy Saving System
48SEES-ES-048Real Time Atomization of Agriculture Environment for Social Modernization of Indian Agricultural System
49SEES-ES-049Boarding School Students Monitoring using RFID
50SEES-ES-050PIR and GSM Based Home Security System
51SEES-ES-051Over Speed and Drunk and Drive Indicator
52SEES-ES-052Automatic Code and Changing Mechanism for Locker Security
53SEES-ES-053Anti Sleep Alarm for Students based on RTC
54SEES-ES-054Intelligent Instant Password Controlled Home Security System
55SEES-ES-055Bidirectional Visitor Counter and Display System with Maximum Capacity Alarm
56SEES-ES-056Mobile Detector in Restricted Area
57SEES-ES-057ATM Security System Based on Random Password Generation and Intimation via GSM
58SEES-ES-058Automatic Milk Collection System
59SEES-ES-059Image Processing Based Automatic Money Depositor
60SEES-ES-060Automated Paid Car Parking in Shopping Complex using Coin Vending Sensor
61SEES-ES-061Finger Print Based Driver Authentication System for Vehicles
62SEES-ES-062Unmanned Toll Tax Collector using RFID
63SEES-ES-063Microcontroller Based Intelligent Car Parking Monitoring System
64SEES-ES-064GSM Based Instantaneous Vehicle Registration Details Extraction System
65SEES-ES-065Collection the Student Progress Information (E-Progress Card) using GSM
66SEES-ES-066ATM Mechanism for GSM Based Alert OTP
67SEES-ES-067Encryption and Decryption Based Secured Communication for Military Application
68SEES-ES-068Web Based Industrial Automation and Control
69SEES-ES-069Talking Energy(KWH) Meter
70SEES-ES-070Multichannel Temperature Monitoring in Fabrication Industries
71SEES-ES-071Industrial Parameters Monitoring and Data Logger using Internet
72SEES-ES-072Microcontroller based solar tracker
73SEES-ES-073PC based data logger
74SEES-ES-074PC based Humidity monitoring system.
75SEES-ES-075RFID based Voting System
76SEES-ES-076RFID for Security System for Automobiles
77SEES-ES-077Implementing I2C   protocol using DS1307
78SEES-ES-078Implementation of Person Identification System using RFID
79SEES-ES-079Integrated I2C Communication Protocol
80SEES-ES-080Automatic School Bell with user defined time schedule using I2C protocol
81SEES-ES-081Time based industrial automation using RTC and I2C protocol
82SEES-ES-082Fully Automatic Intelligent Wireless Remote Railway Gate Controller & Monitoring System with Remote Train Stopper for Railway Using Active RFID System
83SEES-ES-083E- Seal applied in fragile safety in transport; real Time monitoring and auto identification using super Active RFID through GSM / ultrahigh frequency
84SEES-ES-084E-driving license and intelligent e-police applied in Modern traffic world using wireless network and GSM with super RFID technology
85SEES-ES-085E-ticket applied in monitoring and management Evaluation in amusement park / visitor using super RFID with in/out time warning (note: voice).
86SEES-ES-086 A boundary scan methodology through embedded web servers and Mobile RFID Tracking system for the surveillance and mapping of motion subjects.

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