Aurdino Projects List

Arduinouno Based Projects  
1SEES-Auno-001Arduinouno based Line Follower Robot
2SEES-Auno-002Arduinouno based Obstacle Avoider Robot
3SEES-Auno-003Arduinouno based Sound Activated Robot
4SEES-Auno-004Arduinounobased DTMF Controlled Robot
5SEES-Auno-005Arduinounobased IR Remote Control Robot
6SEES-Auno-006Arduinouno based Bluetooth Control Robot
7SEES-Auno-007Arduinouno based Metal Detector Robot
8SEES-Auno-008Arduinouno based Automatic Fire Sensing Robot
9SEES-Auno-009Arduinouno based Voice Control Robot
10SEES-Auno-010Arduinouno based GSM(SMS) Mobile Phone Control Robot
11SEES-Auno-011Arduinouno based Distance Measurement Robot
12SEES-Auno-012Arduinouno based Gas Detecting Robot
13SEES-Auno-013Arduinouno based Water Finding Robot
14SEES-Auno-014Arduinouno based Motion Sensor(PIR) Control Robot
15SEES-Auno-015Arduinouno based Temperature Sensing Robot
16SEES-Auno-016Arduinouno based Soil Moisture Detecting Robot
17SEES-Auno-017Arduinouno based Humidity Sensing Robot
18SEES-Auno-018Arduinouno basedVibrational Detecting Robot
19SEES-Auno-019Arduinouno based RF Control Robot
20SEES-Auno-020Arduinouno based Alcohol Sensing Robot
21SEES-Auno-021Arduinouno based Water Sprayer Robot
22SEES-Auno-022Arduinouno based Smoke Detector Robot
23SEES-Auno-023Arduinouno based Voice Announcement System Robot
24SEES-Auno-024Arduinouno basedColour Detection Robot
25SEES-Auno-025Arduinouno based PC Control Robot

1.       Alcohol Sensing Robot.
1.       Alcohol Sensing Robot.
2.       Bluetooth Control Robot using Android Phone
3.       Arduino uno based Metal Detector Robot
4.       Arduino uno based Voice Control Robot
5.       Arduino uno based GSM(SMS) Mobile Phone Control Robot
6.       Arduino uno based Line Follower Robot
7.       Arduino uno based Obstacle Avoider Robot
8.       Arduino uno based Automatic Fire Sensing Robot
9.       Arduino uno based Gas Detecting Robot
10.   Arduino uno based Vibrational Detecting Robot
11.   Arduino uno based PC Control Robot
12.   Arduino uno based Humidity Sensing Robot
13.   Arduino uno based RF Control Robot
14.   Arduino uno based Motion Sensor(PIR) Control Robot
15.   PC Based Electrical Load Control System
16.   Home Automation using Digital Control
17.   Keypad Based Electronic Lock for Home Appliance
18.   Automatic Irrigation System on Sensing Soil Moisture,Temperature and Humidity
19.   RFID Based Automatic Voting Machine
20.   Remotely Controlled Android Based Electronic Notice Board
21.   Password Based Remote Control Door Opening by Android Application
22.   Remote AC Power Control By Android Application with LCD display
23.   Remote Speed Control of DC motor by Android
24.   Bluetooth Based Device Control for Industries
25.   Speed Control of DC Motor using GSM
26.   GSM based Home Security System and Automated Call to House Owner and Police
27.   Automatic Fan Control Speed System with Temperature Sensor and GSM
28.   Intelligent Home Security and Management System through GSM
29.   Vehicle Theft Alert and Avoidance System using GSM
30.   Forest Fire Monitoring System Based on RF

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