RF Based Projects

S.NoProject CodeTitle
1SEES-RF-001More Efficient Home Energy Management System Based on Zigbee Communication and Infrared Remote Controls
2SEES-RF-002Real Time Paddy Crop Field Monitoring using RF
3SEES-RF-003Forest Fire Monitoring System Based on RF
4SEES-RF-004Wireless Sensor based Forest Fire Monitoring System
5SEES-RF-005A Remote Security System Based on Wireless Sensor Network and GSM Technology
6SEES-RF-006Avoiding Vehicle Parking in No Parking Area using RF
7SEES-RF-007Smart Zone Based Vehicle Speed Control System Based on RF
8SEES-RF-008Microcontroller Based Railways Accident Avoiding System
9SEES-RF-009Boarder Security System using RF
10SEES-RF-010Vehicle Detection in No Parking Area using RF and Magnetic Sensor
11SEES-RF-011Anti Theft Alert and Auto Arresting Museum and Jewelry Shop
12SEES-RF-012Traffic Priority for Ambulance using RF
13SEES-RF-013Railway Track Pedestrian Crossing Without using Staircase
14SEES-RF-014Wireless Sensor Network for Dust and Gas Surveillance Application in Coalmine
15SEES-RF-015Passenger Guidance System in Train using RF
16SEES-RF-016Home Security System with IR,Temperature Sensor using RF Technology
17SEES-RF-017Microcontroller Based Fire Monitoring System Petrochemical Industries using RF Communication
18SEES-RF-018RF Technology Based Incoming/Outgoing Vehicle Alert from Main Gate
19SEES-RF-019Dangerous Gas Detection for Coalmine Industries
20SEES-RF-020Wireless Vehicle Identification and Authentication System in Secured Areas
21SEES-RF-021An Efficient way of Highway Light Switching and Power Saving Application
22SEES-RF-022An Intelligent Traffic Signal Controlling System for Emergency Vehicle using Wireless Communication
23SEES-RF-023Voice Based Bus Recognition System for Visually Challenged Persons
24SEES-RF-024RF Based Automatic Meter Reading
25SEES-RF-025Automotive Speed Control of Vehicles in Pedestrian Crossing Zone
26SEES-RF-026Wireless Data Encryption and Decryption for secured communication using RF
27SEES-RF-027Wireless Electronic Notice Board using RF communication
28SEES-RF-028Wireless DC Motor Speed and Direction Control using RF
29SEES-RF-029Wireless Data Acquisition system using RF communication
30SEES-RF-030Wireless Automated Toll Gate System
31SEES-RF-031Wireless Stepper Motor Controller using RF Communication
32SEES-RF-032RF based Controlling of Electronic Appliances via Encrypted Serially Linked Encoder-Decoder
33SEES-RF-033RF based Handheld Multi Parameter Monitoring System
34SEES-RF-034RF based ICU Care Taker – Life Support System
35SEES-RF-035Real Time Passenger Information System using Wireless RF Communication
36SEES-RF-036Real time Remote Patient Wireless Heart Beat and Status Monitoring using RF Technology.
37SEES-RF-037Confined home system through wireless multisensory
38SEES-RF-038Remote data monitoring using WAP Information Gateway.
39SEES-RF-039Home Networking and Security System with WAP.
40SEES-RF-040Wireless Voice Recognition Home Automation.
41SEES-RF-041Microcontroller – Microcontroller Communication for Remote Control of Devices using RF Technology with Interactive LCD.
42SEES-RF-042Security integrated system based on wireless access protocol for remote monitoring & control of industrial process
43SEES-RF-043Wireless access monitoring and control system based on digital door lock.
44SEES-RF-044Wireless Network of Sensors for Continuous Monitoring of Vital Bio signal.
45SEES-RF-045Embedded system based Wireless attendance register
46SEES-RF-046Fully Automatic intelligent Wireless Remote Railway Gate Controller & Monitoring System with Remote Train Stopper for Railway using Active RF ID System.
47SEES-RF-047An Effectual Design of Random Binary Secure Code Generative Automobile.
48SEES-RF-048Authentication System using Low Power Embedded Gadgets and Radio Frequency
49SEES-RF-049Wireless communication for Class Room Monitoring with notice board display.
50SEES-RF-050Embedded System Based Moving Message Display
51SEES-RF-051Microcontroller based wireless energy meter.
52SEES-RF-052Mobile to PC Interface for Controlling of Devices using BLUETOOTH Technology
53SEES-RF-053Hybrid SCADA for PowerStation / Substation Monitoring & Automation.
54SEES-RF-054Hand Held intelligent Multi Parameter Monitoring System – DAS with LCD Display andRemote Monitoring Unit with RF RX & LCD.
55SEES-RF-055A Novel time independent Asynchronous Communication protocol & its application.
56SEES-RF-056Wireless Networking Of Smoke Detector with Voice Alerts
57SEES-RF-057Automatic Accident Identification, Detection Via Vibration Sensors Using RF Technology
58SEES-RF-058Advanced Full Function Remote Home Automation System using Encrypted RF Technology.
59SEES-RF-059Advanced Wireless Electrical Appliance Control System using PC and Coded RF Protocol for industrial Application.
60SEES-RF-060Cell phone detector for security application.

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