Bio Medical Projects

S.NoProject CodeTitle
1SEES-BIO-001Design of Wireless Sensor System for Neonatal Monitoring
2SEES-BIO-002Secure Remote Patient Monitoring System
3SEES-BIO-003Bluetooth Based Home Patient Surveillance
4SEES-BIO-004Intelligent Blood Collection System using RFID
5SEES-BIO-005Brain Activity Detection System Based on EEG Sensor
6SEES-BIO-006GSM Based Human Health Monitoring and Alert System
7SEES-BIO-007Medicine Identification in Pharmacy and Expiry Identification
8SEES-BIO-008Patient Health Monitoring of Cough and Heart Beat Rate using GSM
9SEES-BIO-009Epilepsy(FITS) Sensing and Sending Message to the Emergency Centre
10SEES-BIO-010Health Monitoring of ICU and Alert System
11SEES-BIO-011Advanced Diagnostic Tool for Respiration Rate and Cough Identification through Landline
12SEES-BIO-012Monitoring ECG Level for Heart Patient with LCD Display
13SEES-BIO-013Infant Monitoring System in Hospital to Avoid SID
14SEES-BIO-014Fracture Detection using Bone Crack Sensor
15SEES-BIO-015Blood Glucose Level Identification and Abnormality Intimation

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