Embedded Robotics

ISO Certification Course on Design of Embedded System using Arduino UNO R3

Course Duation:5T+35P=40hrs

Theory Concepts:

  • Introduction to Arduino UNO R3
  • Introduction to Arduino Software
  • Features of Arduino UNO R3
  • Architecture, Pin Diagram
  • Memory Organization
  • Instruction set
  • I/O Ports Configuration

Practical Session:

  • DTMF Controlled Robot with Microcontroller
  • Microcontroller based line following Robot
  • Metal Detector Robot using Microcontroller
  • Obstacle Avoiding Robot
  • Bluetooth Control Robot using Android Phone
  • Automatic Fire Sensing and Extinguishing Robot
  • Automatic Wall Painting Robot
  • Remote Controlled Pick and Place Robot
  • Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle
  • Design of Surface cleaning robot
  • IR Controlled Robotic vehicle
  • Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle using Microcontroller
  • PC Controlled Human Detection Robot
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Controlled Wireless Robot
  • GSM (SMS) Mobile Phone Controlled Intelligent Robot

Course Highlights:

  • We will provide development board at free of cost
  • Industrial Trainers
  • Case study
  • Hands-On Training
  • Project Guidance
  • Tutorial and necessary documents
  • Compiler and Simulator student version

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