Robotic Project

S.NoProject CodeTitle
1SEES-Rob-001Industrial spy robot with image monitoring.
2SEES-Rob-002 Remote-controlled Home Robot Server with Zigbee Sensor Network (IEEE- 2007).
3SEES-Rob-003Innovative material handling robot.
4SEES-Rob-004Pick and place robot 6-axis with metal detector.
5SEES-Rob-005Robotic car with card less video cam.
6SEES-Rob-006Intelligent autonomous robots for industrial applications.
7SEES-Rob-007Cell Phone Controlled AI based Robot for Multi-Specialty Operations.
8SEES-Rob-008Path planning for collaborative multi-robot systems.
9SEES-Rob-009 The design of a wheel chair mounted robot.
10SEES-Rob-010The development of intelligent home security robot.
11SEES-Rob-011Fire analyzing robot with voice feedback.
12SEES-Rob-012 Alcohol Sensing Robot.
13SEES-Rob-013Wireless AI based intelligence-industrial Security Robot with CCD Camera and Live Wireless Transmission.
14SEES-Rob-014Wireless AI based Mobile Robot for Multi-Specialty Operations.
15SEES-Rob-015All surface movement robots for live human detection in earth quake areas.
16SEES-Rob-016Hazardous Gas Detection Method Applied in Coal Mine Detection Robot
17SEES-Rob-017Head Movement Controlled Power Wheel Chair
18SEES-Rob-018Automated Voice Based Home Navigation System for the Elderly and the Physically Challenged
19SEES-Rob-019GSM and DTMF Based Robot for Parameter Monitoring in Gas Industries
20SEES-Rob-020RF Based Robot Control using PIR Sensor for Defense Force
21SEES-Rob-021Automatic Unwanted Polythene Bags and Pet Bottles Collecting Robot
22SEES-Rob-022Identification of Cracks in Tunnel using Tunnel Robot
23SEES-Rob-023Gardon Robot for Water Spray in the Lawn
24SEES-Rob-024Wireless Communication Based Spy Robot
25SEES-Rob-025Automatic Navigation Robot for Industrial Applications Based on Technology
26SEES-Rob-026DTMF Based Mobile Operated Spy Robot
27SEES-Rob-027Crack Detector Robot for Railway Track Inspection
28SEES-Rob-028Live Human Detecting Robot for Earthquake Risk Operation
29SEES-Rob-029RF Based Seed Sprayer Robot for Agriculture Farms
30SEES-Rob-030Microcontroller Based Weather Forecasting Robot using GSM
31SEES-Rob-031Wireless Image Communication System for Fire Fighting Robots
32SEES-Rob-032Voice Based Wheel Chair Robot
33SEES-Rob-033DTMF Based Control of Pick and Place Robot
34SEES-Rob-034Wireless Based Border Security Robot
35SEES-Rob-035DTMF Based Human Less Boat Control Robot
36SEES-Rob-036Wheel Chair Robot for Physically Challenged Persons using voice control
37SEES-Rob-037Efficient Irrigation System using Wireless Water Feeding Robot
38SEES-Rob-038An Intelligent Two Axis Fire Detection and Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle for Textile Industry
39SEES-Rob-039Automatic Brake Comfort using Ultrasonic Sensor
40SEES-Rob-040An Intelligent Disaster Management Robot
41SEES-Rob-041Power Plant Data Monitoring Robot and Alert Intimation through SMS
42SEES-Rob-042Wireless Land Mine Detecting Robot
43SEES-Rob-043DTMF Controlled Robot with Microcontroller
44SEES-Rob-044Microcontroller based line following Robot
45SEES-Rob-045Metal Detector Robot using Microcontroller
46SEES-Rob-046Obstacle Avoiding Robot
47SEES-Rob-047Bluetooth Control Robot using Android Phone
48SEES-Rob-048Automatic Fire Sensing and Extinguishing Robot
49SEES-Rob-049Automatic Wall Painting Robot
50SEES-Rob-050Remote Controlled Pick and Place Robot
51SEES-Rob-051Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle
52SEES-Rob-052Design of Surface cleaning robot
53SEES-Rob-053IR Controlled Robotic vehicle
54SEES-Rob-054Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle using Microcontroller
55SEES-Rob-055Auto Metro Train to Shuttle between Stations
56SEES-Rob-056RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle with Laser Beam Arrangement
57SEES-Rob-057Accelerometer (Gyroscope) Controlled Robot
58SEES-Rob-058Radio Frequency (RF) Controlled Wireless Robot
59SEES-Rob-059GSM (SMS) Mobile Phone Controlled Intelligent Robot
60SEES-Rob-060Green House Environment Controlling Robot
61SEES-Rob-061Landrover Robot operated by cellphone
62SEES-Rob-062Intelligent Robotic wheel chairs for specialty operations
63SEES-Rob-063PC Controlled Human Detection Robot
64SEES-Rob-064Design of Rescue robot and pipeline inspection using zigbee
65SEES-Rob-065Mobile Robot Navigation system with RFID and Ultrasonic sensor
66SEES-Rob-066Design of GPS Guided Mobile robot
67SEES-Rob-067Colour Guided Material Handling Robot
68SEES-Rob-068An RFID Warehouse Robot
69SEES-Rob-069Design of Microcontroller based Edge Avoider Robot
70SEES-Rob-070Design and implementation of snow plow robot
71SEES-Rob-071Automatic Steering Control Robot
72SEES-Rob-072Automous Robot for Target Detection and Shooting

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